Luxury Flooring Manufacturer

Comprehensive UX process, from user research through to hi-fidelity prototype.

My client, a large North West design agency, brought me in to support them with the UX process for a b2b and b2c retail client.

I was tasked with taking the project from initial user research, through to a set of agreed and tested hi-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototype. The agency would then proceed to design and develop the site based on these deliverables.

Our Approach

I utilised a multi-step process to produce comprehensive documentation and staged deliverables. This approach suits large scale projects with longer command chains and disparate stakeholders.

  • Users and Goals - I began with a collaborative process to pull together shared knowledge on customers and users from across the organisation. I then moved on to analyse requirements, goals and business objectives for each key user type, allowing me to see where organisational priority conflicts arose, and where further specific research was required.

  • User Journeys - Based on the initial user research phase, I targeted priority user journeys and began to map out key touch points in further detail.

  • Outline Document - This comprehensive deliverable brought together a proposed solution with a focus on required functionality, sitemaps, navigation and limited preliminary thumbnail sketches for key or complex interactions.

The iterative process resulted in a comprehensive set of documents to take forward, with all decisions and concerns noted for future reference.

High-fidelity Wireframes and Clickable Prototype

My next step was to begin mapping out our proposed solution, focussing on the more complex areas of the site and working mobile first.

I encouraged overlap with designers and developers at this stage to test the concepts. That way we could work together to make sure our proposed direction fitted well with both the visual brand and client expectations.

I then launched an initial lean prototype which was tested, discussed and iterated on before finalising a full set of wireframes for both mobile and desktop. These were then handed over to the design and development team.